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English Conversation Club
English Conversation Club

Students who have reached a good level of English or any other language they have learnt, want to talk in that language but the big question is, what to talk about? One has to get past, "What did you do today?" and "What are your hobbies?" Therefore, it's important to create interesting and varied topics to talk about. Games, activities and quizzes are all good ways to introduce a variety of topics and make the learning enjoyable.

Animal Quiz

This is a quiz to find out some little known facts about animals and also stimulate conversation about them. You will have a choice of three animals - choose the animal first and then click to the next page to see the question about that animal.

Animal quiz PptAnimal quiz Ppt


When students reach an advanced stage of learning a language, it's important to have something to talk about and it's also good to get to know one another better. I created this game so that students would not only answer questions about themselves, e.g. ‘What do you do in your free time?’ and ‘What makes you happy?’ but also to tell stories about their lives. It is one thing to answer a question about yourself but another to tell a story about some aspect of your life. For example, in answer to the question, ‘What makes you happy?’ you could simply answer, ‘My family makes me happy’ but if asked to tell a story about happiness, appertaining to your life, you might tell of a time when you were at college and the fun you had with fellow students or of a time when travelling. From this, you have far more to talk about.

Rules for ASK YOU

Rules for ASK YOU board game
Rules for ASK YOU board game

To do this activity without the board and cards, you can use a spin-the-wheel app and you can write in whatever stories or questions you wish. You can find this app on the Play Store or App Store.

Spin the wheel
Spin the wheel
Spin the wheel questions
Spin the wheel questions


This activity is to create discussion and debate over moral dilemmas. The purpose is for students to practice their English speaking, not to get into serious arguments over the topics. A student will read the card and will state which decision they support and give their reason. The other students will then vote whether they support A, B, or C. The students will then discuss the topic.

More dilemmas available on request

Find Inner Strength

Read and listen - This is a reading and comprehension exercise. Listen to the audio and read the text. Click the button below to access the text. The text is quite long and it's best to go through it paragraph by paragraph. This topic can also be used for discussion.


Enjoy Learning English

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